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February 27, 2013
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Moebius has issued this model of Catwoman with the Bat Pod from the 2012 movie The Dark Knight Rises. The kit comes in two builds – the Bat Pod, which is all styrene, and Catwoman (who was played by Anne Hathaway), which is in six resin pieces. The styrene parts are black, crisp, and free of any imperfections. The resin is absolutely flawless.

The Bat Pod assembles in three pieces – the main body and the front and rear axles. Assembly is straightforward. There are a lot of good tips in the build, so read the instructions. There is one caveat here – the axles must be in alignment to make sure the wheels ride perfectly on the ground. Part 41 is a key to this. Don't glue this in place until the front and rear axles are built and painted. Many of the parts are black. Once the axles are done, glue 41 in place and align before the glue sets. This will make sure the alignment is good. Once done, I added a few washes – brown and black – to bring out the kit parts detail, and then flat coated the entire thing. The handlebars are left off until the end – more on those later. I also used Alclad on all the metal parts.

Catwoman glued together very well. A little putty was needed at the neck and boots. A quick wash, and she was primed with Alclad gray primer and left to dry. I sprayed black over the body and then flat-coated the kit. Wash was added to the belt, along with a little dry brush. Flat coat again. I then base-coated the skin with Andrea dark flesh and then washed it multiple times with lighter and lighter flesh colors. I hand-painted the hair and eyes inside the mask. I again flat-coated and then masked off the boots and gloves and gloss-coated them for a leathery look. A gloss blue coat to the eyes and done.

Before adding Catwoman to the Bat Pod, you need to construct the handlebars. Watch the parts, as they are not interchangeable. Once complete, the handlebars are added to each hand. Don't glue yet! Add Catwoman to the pod. Test fit and, once good, glue her to the pod and then glue the handlebars in place to the pod. Touch up with flat as needed and the kit is done.

This kit was a blast and took about a week to do. It fits well, it's fun, and it is very much recommended to modelers of all skill levels. My thanks to Frank Winspur and Moebius Models for the great efforts to put the kit out, and to IPMS/USA for the chance to review it.


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