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This is my second review of Brengun Carrier tie downs. The first was the “cross” style. This is the newer, more modern star type.

These items are used as the anchor for tying aircraft or anything else that needs to not move, to the deck. A hook at one end of the tie down is put around one of the star legs and the other end is adjusted to hold the aircraft in place.

On the WW2 wooden deck carriers, the tie down anchor was a long piece which ran from one side of the deck to the other, replacing one of the boards in the wooden deck. After the Navy went to steel decks and angle deck carriers, they used a cross type anchor.

Today’s supercarriers use the star type anchor. They can be either yellow or white, depending on what year you’re doing the model. I kind of suspect that when the deck tractors changed over from yellow to white, the anchors changed color too.

The “kit” is pretty simple. It’s a single fret of PE with the anchors. No instructions are included.

To make a base for the anchors, I used a plastic sheet and cut it in two, to the size I wanted. I then painted the sheets black.

I hand painted some of the anchors on the PE sheet yellow, and some white.

When all of the paint was dry, I cut one of the anchors from the PE, then glued it to the “deck” with Micro Krystal Kleer. This worked because I could put a tiny amount in place with a toothpick, and once it dried it was clear, showing the deck color beneath.

I repeated this 19 more times. I would have done it 21 more, but I managed to lose 2 of the white ones after cutting. That’s one of the joys of working with 1/144 PE.

I put an aircraft I figured would be about right for the time frame for the yellow and white tie downs, and took pictures. They do look pretty good with that “deck”.

I recommend this accessory set. With as many tie downs as you get in the set, you can do several carrier decks, depending on the size of the aircraft. I’d like to do Heller’s E2C Hawkeye some time, and this is the type of deck to put it on.

Many thanks to Brengun for the accessory, and to IPMS USA for the chance to make my displays better.


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