Buick Riviera 1963 to 1973

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Norm Mort
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Paperback • 20.5x19cm • 96 pages • 110 pictures
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Company: Veloce Publishing - Website: Visit Site
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This is a review of the Veloce Buick Riviera 1963 to 1973

I haven’t written a book review in over 50 years, so bear with me.

The Veloce book is packed with information about the first three generations of the stylish, luxurious, and performance-oriented Buick Riviera. Tons of pictures accompany performance data, available option equipment for each year, changes and upgrades by year. I didn’t realize Buick started using the Riviera name in 1949 as a trim package and would later be changed/upgraded to compete with the Ford Thunderbird.

Also included are pictures of Riviera’s that have been customized with paint, wheels/tires, and body modifications.

The Veloce Buick Riviera is a fantastic addition to your hobby area reference materials.

Thank you to IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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