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January 28, 2020
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Brengun has an extensive line of 1/144th accessories (engine starter carts, boarding ladders, etc.) as well as resin construction kits (US/German staff cars, aircraft, V-1, etc.) in their catalog. Most if not all of these 1/144th scale construction kits come with photo etch details and appropriate decals. One of Brengun's newer offerings is a 1/144 scale resin BTR-60 Soviet Armored Personnel Carrier.

The kit is cast in light gray resin and is accompanied by a fret of photoetch (grab handles, rear view mirror brackets, etc.) and a decal sheet with markings for either a Czechoslovakian, Polish, East German, or Soviet vehicle. The decal sheet also has six complete numeral sets in two sizes.

Removing the wheels, main gun, and headlights from their respective pour stubs (resin sprues) shouldn't present any problems. I would caution patience when removing the pour stub from the APC. The wheel axle stubs are molded on the main body of the vehicle and removing the excess resin from that part could prove to problematic. It was for me. In the process of removing that pour stub I managed to lose (hack off) three of those axle stubs. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with some bits of wire and super glue but why bother when you really don't need to. Just exercise the caution that I should have.

Assembly is straightforward and the model really looks the part with nice, molded details. Including some great detail on the tires and rear of the vehicle. The BTR-60 is amphibious and has a propulsion unit (large shrouded propeller) that is covered by clam shell type doors when not in use. Brengun has molded that detail beautifully. Those protective doors are molded closed but someone more clever than I could open up that area and scratch build a propeller unit (Just something to think about). You might wish to pay attention when attaching the wheels/tires owing to the distinctive tread pattern.

The photoetched details are pretty extensive for a kit in this scale. Included are lots of little bits for the lifting lugs on the turret, grab handles/equipment stowage on the main body, boarding stirrups along either side of the vehicle, and a stowage rack on the rear deck of the vehicle.

The assembly instructions don't suggest any colors when it comes to painting this beast, but most Soviet vehicles were issued in some shade of dark green. There are oodles of reference photos online of this vehicle so you may choose one of those for a paint scheme.

When all said and done this 1/144th scale is a neat kit of a ubiquitous Soviet-designed vehicles that should find its way into all manner of dioramas and vignettes. My thanks to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review copy

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