Browning M2 Aircraft .50 caliber barrels (2pcs)

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I think most of us realize that if we want more detail we will often find it in resin sets, and if we really want the best barrels we’ll find them made for of us out of brass. The Polish company, Master Model, has been producing excellent brass barrels in 1/32 and 1/48 scales for the aircraft modeler and 1/700 and 1/350 brass barrels for the ship modelers. Recently, they have started a line in 1/72 scale and the first product is one that everyone can use – Browning M2 aircraft .50 caliber barrels. Just think of all the Allied aircraft that mounted the M2 .50 caliber machine gun and you can see how popular this could be.

Now I’m going to give you some dimensions just to drive home the point of how small these barrels are. The barrels overall length (shaft included) is .5020”, the barrel length is .3945” and the barrel diameter is .0280”. These are tiny jewels with the cooling holes in place and the barrel drilled out at the front to a depth of .020”, painted and dry brushed these barrels will look fantastic.

To use them is simple: cut off the original plastic barrel, drill a hole in the plastic using a #76 drill (.020”), insert the metal shaft and use some cyanoacrylate adhesive to bond it in place. I had the Aires Browning M2 .50 caliber wing mounted set (#7040) so I took out the receivers and drilled out the end and inserted one of the barrels (see photo). It makes for a very good looking machine gun. I can highly recommend this product to any modeler who wants to get the best looking weapons for his or her aircraft.

I want to thank IPMS/USA and Master Model for the chance to review this product.


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