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I continue to be amazed at the variety and quality of the product line from Master Models. I have had the pleasure to review their replacement ship gun barrels but this is the first opportunity I have had to review their aircraft accessories. This latest offering from Master Models is a pair of replacement .30 caliber barrels, perfect for the rear gun mount on most two-seater US Navy aircraft. These barrels are little jewels. Okay, I am not a machinist and so I am always impressed by quality lathe work. I was a bit astounded by the perforated cooling jackets. I will not even ask how it was done, but there had to be a computerized milling machine with an indexing arc to even space the dimples in this fine brass. Installation is easy, cut off the plastic barrel, drill a small hole and glue in the replacement barrel. Is the barrel worth the cost and effort? Well, I dug out the best barrel I could find (one from the Accurate Miniatures SBD Dauntless) did a comparison, and have to say “yes”, it is a much finer barrel. I might not replace the barrel in this kit, but I can think of a lot of kits that could use the upgrade. If you have spent a lot of time detailing the observer’s position, why not add a realistic looking barrel? Highly recommended!

Thanks to Master Models and IPMS/USA for my review samples.


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