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Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
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The AMMO website listing for this set of AMMO paints includes this description; “The AMMO range of acrylic paints for figures has been designed to make your painting sessions a more enjoyable experience thanks to the speed and simplicity of use. This set includes 4 colours for painting the infantry uniforms widely used by British troops during WWII. The colours have been selected through rigorous research of period uniforms, allowing you to accurately paint the base tones of uniforms, add highlights, and enhance details.

The four colors included in this set are AMMO F-504 Yellow Green, F-545 British Brown, F-546 Ochre Brown, and F-547 Pale Earth.

Scroll down until you see the Quick Tips Logo and click on it. An image of that logo accompanies this review. A pdf will open and can be downloaded. This pdf provides detailed “Tips”, in English and Spanish, to employ a combination of airbrushing and hand-painting to achieve the desired result.

While on the AMMO web site, click on the “Downloads” button on the home page. There are many downloadable “Quick Tip” documents, 46 at my count. This “online library” of Quick Tips is a veritable gold mine of painting techniques and helpful hints. As a neophyte figure painter, I found that these documents have expanded my understanding of some of the basic figure painting techniques that I have seen when viewing Figures at the various modeling events that I attend.

Applying AMMO

My modeling interests focus mainly on 1/48th scale aircraft, Real Space, and Sci-Fi Space. My paint cabinet did not contain any AMMO paints, but I have been reading posts that praised AMMO. Thinking that a review of this product would be a great introduction to AMMO paints, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take on an “armor” project, that being a 1/48th Valentine Mk. III. As a bonus, the kit contains four figures, and two of those figures were selected to be the test bed for the AMMO paints included in the AMMO paint set.

I am very much a novice when it comes to painting figures. I have been fortunate in that I’ve been able to attend a couple of figure painting seminars by two Master Painters, so I have in my possession some of the tools that figure painters usually have on hand. I set up my wet pallet, pulled out my Windsor & Newton brushes, and set up my workspace I anticipation of starting the review process.

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the AMMO website, finding the Quick Tips section specific to the product being reviewed. The tips provided (in English and Spanish) on that PDF set out the steps involved in priming, highlighting, and shadowing. The paints to be used (those four paints included in the product package) were identified with tips on thinning or blending colors to be used in each step.

It was an easy process, to read the tips provided; then study the figures to make sure I understood where each color or mixture was to be applied, and then to apply the paint as suggested. I found that the paint thinned nicely using AMMO thinner (not included in this product package) or distilled water. And, of course, when the tips suggested that two colors be mixed, I found that it was an easy process, that the colors blended nicely, and no difficulties were experienced.

Some color was applied with an airbrush, as recommended in the Hints PDF, and some was applied with my Windsor and Newton brushes. I found that the paint, properly thinned, worked without issues via the airbrush. Another plus that I found was that each container of paint contains a “rattle ball”. I do not know what it looks like or from what it is made, but it makes shaking the paint up rather easy and quick.

Being a neophyte figure painter I hold no illusions that the two figures I used as a test bed are spectacular, but I can say that I am thoroughly impressed with the AMMO approach to paint products and providing PDF Hints that I found very useful.

This product is highly recommended for its reasonable pricing, sturdy packaging, quality of the paint, and the immensely helpful Hints PDF on the AMMO website. Thanks to AMMO for providing this product to IPMS/USA for review.


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