British WWII Reflector Gunsight

Published on
February 7, 2014
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QB 48580
Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Product Package

There are components for six gun sights. Each gun sight consists of 4 parts, two metal brackets, the clear reflector, and the gun sight base. The gun sight base is a single piece, molded in gray plastic. The two metal brackets are photo etched, and are identified as Part 1 and Part 2. These PE parts do not require any bending or forming. Just clip a Part 1 and a Part 2 from the PE sheet and attach them to the plastic gun sight base as depicted on the QB instructions. The gun sight base is identified as Part 3 on the plans.

Quickboost provides a highly detailed gunsight that can be used in any British aircraft equipped with a reflector sight. The gun sight is fairly easy to assemble, taking only a few minutes, but one must exercise caution since the parts are very small. The price listed in this review introduction is an estimated amount, but with parts available for six gun sights even at a dollar or two more one is getting a high quality aftermarket gun sight for a couple of bucks per aircraft.

This product is highly recommended for its high level of detail, ease of assembly, and “bang for the buck”. Thanks to Aires for supplying the review sample to IPMS.


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