British Battle Tanks World War 1 to 1939

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November 8, 2016
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David Fletcher
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The book explores the early development history of the British tanks from 1915 to 1939. To be honest I had never read known much about the early tank development, but this book really does provide all the knowledge you could want on the early tanks and their success and failures.

It is writing so everyone can grasp and understand the history and technical details of this important piece of the tanks creation.

It covers all the prototypes and concepts of the British Tank development including the main variations and their uses. The many pictures really add to the books ability to clearly show the primitive tanks as they evolved into practical working armored vehicles.

I cannot recommend this book enough I finished during one long flight. The booked helped me learn and understand the early years of the British Armor.

Thanks go to Osprey Publishing for providing this book to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them


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