British 6 Pdr Anti-Tank Gun (Airborne) with 1/4 Ton Truck & Crew

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Bronco models have repacked its Jeep and airborne anti-tank 6 pdr gun, together with 6 figures into this “full meal” boxing. Actually the vehicle has the necessary part to be the airborne variation used to tow the gun, including all the fittings for the ammo boxes.

When you open the box you find 26 (!) sprues –including one clear-, 3 photo-etch frets, and 3 decal sheets, including one for the soldiers rank. You get all the parts needed to model the airborne variation of the Jeep used to tow the gun, including all the fittings for the ammo boxes. You actually get several extra parts in this boxing and maybe you can model other versions of the Jeep, but I am not sure.

The surface detail is impressive, petite yet well defined. The tires even have the maker letterings in raised detail and would look very good under some dry-brushing.

The instruction booklet is printed in full color, using CAD drawings having 23 steps for the vehicle and 15 steps for the cannon.

A note of consideration is that because you get a re-packing of different sets, some of the sprues have the same lettering. You have to be careful to pay attention to the color of the lettering, matching the color of the sprue map in page 3 of the booklet. For instance, in the instructions there is the “Red A” sprue, and the “Black A” sprue, even if both are molded in olive drab.

The first step relates to the assembly of a nicely detailed flat-head engine and the next 6 steps guides you to the assembly of the frame, suspension, transmission and optional alignment of the front wheels (left, right, center). Be aware that because some of the parts are for a different version of the jeep, you will have to remove/sand some specific “bumps” along the way. The instructions make very clear when to modify the plastic part as needed.

Once the overall frame is assembled, then you present the body to it and start the construction of a nicely detailed engine compartment (battery, radiator, etc) and the crew compartment (seats, levers, dashboard, etc) and some of the extra equipment like jerry cans, rifles, rifle holder, ammunition boxes and their frames and holders, and don’t forget the photo-etch straps for all of those extra parts!

The gun assembly starts with the cannon itself, and then it moves into the shield, loading mechanism and finally the wheels and legs. It can be assembled in combat, transport or even with legs folded (for air transport inside a glider).

You also get 6 figures, all of them in a “riding” position, rather than a combat one.

You get 7 decaling options –for different regiments- and all of the finishes are in olive drab.

Considering the high part number, the small size of many parts and the extensive use of photo-etch, I would recommend this boxing to the experienced modeler. At the same time, you only need to add a base to get a full diorama set, even down to the figures. This kit exudes quality when you look at it, and based on my own experience with other Bronco models, always the fit has been good.

Recommended to experienced modelers.

I would like to thank Dragon Models USA and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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