Brick Street w/ European Tram Rails

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June 18, 2021
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Tiger Werke

Tiger Werke is a small company under new ownership that manufactures and distributes scale resin items. Their product line includes paved and cobblestone street sections, figure bases, building fronts, roadside shrines, fountains, and armor and aircraft bases. They also have storage and accessory sets for Allied, German, and British vehicles.

Resin Molding

This review is of Tiger Werke’s 1/35 scale Brick Street w/ European Tram Rails, a resin base that depicts a street section with trolley tracks running diagonally across base. On each side of the street or what appear to be stone curbs and concrete sidewalks. In 1/35 scale the pavers vary from about 4” to 5” wide by 7” to 8“ long, although they vary in size. The size of the pavers could also represent cobblestones or granite pavers. The bricks have a very nice shape and there are some recessed stones to create some depth in the street. The curb sections are about 30” long by 9” wide by 4” high in scale. The tracks are about 3‘6“gauge in scale. There are some apparent connectors between the stone sections that could be trimmed off.

The kit includes one resin piece 8 5/8” x 5 7/8”. The back of the resin piece has been sanded slightly so the base section lays flat. There’s no significant warping of the piece.


To finish the base, I decided to model it as granite pavers and concrete sidewalks. I cut the base down on a table saw to display a model. The resin cut nice & smoothly. The base color is Mission Model Paint dark gray with medium gray highlights applied with a sponge. The sidewalks are modeled as concrete using Mission Models concrete color sponged with medium gray highlights.

The base is displayed with a 1/24 scale model T, which is quite a bit out of scale, but illustrates the nice character of the base.


This is a very nice base and diorama accessory. The street is nicely detailed and can be finished to represent brick or stone pavers. The texture of the stone has nice detail. The base lays flat, has no significant warping, and had no bubbles in the casting.

Thanks to Tiger Werke for providing the review sample and producing this nice resin base, as well as many other accessories in their product line.


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