Borokov Florov I-207/3

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December 1, 2010
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Company: Pavla Models
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This is an in-the-box look as well as a little building info. The I-207 was a neat little fighter that never became of anything. I think there were only 3 made. They had good performance for the day but were already being outclassed by other designs. The instruction sheet gives you a brief history as well. The kit is a re-pop from AZ. It's the same as one I built several years ago, but this time Pavla has done it justice in the form of 6 resin pieces, a new decal sheet from Tally-Ho, as well as a neat Vac windscreen! Nice job guys!

The 22 plastic pieces are well done, but need some finesse to put together. You will, as with any limited run kit, have some problems but nothing too bad. I would recommend this to experienced builders who can overcome obstacles. You will be rewarded by a great little model. It’s similar in size to the Polikarpov fighters of that day. Make sure you test fit the new resin pieces before you glue, and make really sure the landing gear is not splayed out or the very large bombs will drag the ground.

The only other real trouble area is the lower wing to fuselage join. It will need attention. The camouflage patterns for the two machines that go with the decal sheet are only names. No paint manufacturer keys. You are on your own here. Another biggie for me is the multi-language instruction sheet with just pictures and part numbers. It is vague but workable. I consider this the weak part of the kit. Other than that, you will be rewarded with a nice Borokov Florov I-207/3!

My thanks go to Pavla and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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