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Hasegawa 1/72 B-47E Stratojet
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Heavy, appreciative thanks to Ross at SAC for providing IPMS USA this review set. And to think I volunteer to do these reviews… what a cool way to practice the hobby!

This set is one of SAC’s more simple upgrades. The Hasegawa B-47 is at least 45 years old as a kit (I believe 1968), and is still the only game in town if you want to build one in 1/72nd scale. Shape is spot-on, the wheel wells and bomb bay are potential superdetail areas (as the basic structure is there), and the overall presence is almost perfect. Recent upgrades from a certain Polish resin maker include new engine nacelles, a new, more detailed cockpit, and a new canopy (which is too flat and thick on the original model). A LOT of weight!

This means one heavy bird for the landing gear to handle. The mains can take it, but from personal experience the outrigger gear will snap off. Will is the key word…

SAC comes once again to address our needs. All four landing gear are basically duplicated in strong metal. This includes the retraction struts and the oleo scissors for the mains. These just replace the kit items, which provide peace of mind about taking the basic airframe weight.

But the best part is the outriggers; no more breaking them off! The metal will just bend if you have an inadvertent sideslip or Kitty-induced trip down the bench. Just bend it back and all’s well. Invest in this set if you are building the B-47…my personal advice.

Full marks to SAC once again; Ross continues to provide excellent service and a fantastic product. And a hearty thank you to IPMS USA for allowing me to review this set.


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