Boeing 707, C-135 Landing Gear

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Again, thanks very much to Ross at SAC for doing the hard work for us on this gear. We at IPMS USA sincerely appreciate your contributions for review!

This is a simple drop fit for the Heller 707 or E-3 models. If you want to build the AMT/Heller/Italeri KC-135A/R with SAC gear, they provide that as item 72001. The packaging says 72072 can be used on a KC 135 as well. I did not hold them up to each other, but I’m certain they could be used for either kit. You’ll have to modify the nose gear for the KC-135, as that gear is different than the E-3 or 707; and the actuator arm for the KC-135 is longer on those kits.

Historical note once again: The KC-135 came first, not the 707. The KC is based on the “Dash 80” airframe, and is different than on the 707 or E-3, which is a larger, more robust airframe with a totally different wing and fuselage. An error made by many, including famous authors. Those of us who have worked on both know the difference.

The kit I used this gear on belongs to a gent who still works the E-3 here at Tinker. I built the model for him over 10 years ago, and he recently had an “office accident” whereby the model ended up crashing to the floor about eight feet from its perch. This was an opportunity to check the fit of the SAC gear and follow up on their “you can install our gear after the model is complete” claim. In this case, they are correct, and the model will be that much better off for having the metal gear installed! As to the rest of the damage, well, I’m working it.

At the end of the day, SAC products are great and worth the outlay. Thanks again to Ross and SAC for producing one more in a long line of fantastic metal gear for our modeling enjoyment!


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