Blitzkrieg in the West - Then and Now

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Jean Paul Pallud
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640 pages.
Over 1,500 photos in black and white , and with 60 maps, 5 Order of Battle, as well as several directives from A. Hitler and a full copy of The Franco-German Armistice.
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The book covers a detailed account of the battle that took place between May 10 through June 24 in which 6 countries found themselves at war. This battle took place across 6 European nations. These nations were involved in a 45 day chaotic war that ended in one of the most unique military campaigns of modern times. The book is part of The After The Battle Series and is in its fourth printing.

The book is divided into 5 parts each describing a specific time during that war. From: "Peace in Our Time" through the collapse of the French Army the book accounts for the battles that took place. In addition, the book A section accounting for the photo credits; a Glossary and a 27 page Index divided into three areas- General section; localities section and Personnel section. The book is full of information and a wealth of photos for those interested in this battle, or in the history of WWII.

There are many photos of locations as they looked during the battle and as they appear today. These comparisons I found interesting. In some cases the changes are minimal, but others there are drastic. There are not only photos of the areas in contention, but you will find photos of the officers, both French and German who were involved in the battle. The maps give you a feeling of the battle and the movements of both sides.

Although the book may be considered a bit pricey, I would be more than willing to buy the book. However, I have been a subscriber to The After the Battle magazine since their first issue, I enjoyed the wealth of information given and, although I did not read the book completely those sections I read I enjoyed very much.

I will recommend this book to anyone interested in these particular 45 days, or to any historians who like to have a very comprehensive book in their hand. The sections I read I enjoyed very much.

My thanks to Casemate Publishers for the opportunity to review this book. I, would also like to thank my in house editor for her help correcting my mistakes and in some cases improving the review.


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