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Airfix 1/72 Blenheim Mk IV
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Airfix has released two 1/72 Blenheims, a Mk I and a Mk IV, and Eduard makes several detail and masking sets for both. The subject of this review is their exterior detail set for the Mk IV. Most of the “true” exterior parts are mostly access hatches and panels that are glued to the exterior skin of the aircraft. These are simple to deal with; however, they do stand proud of the surface, which is probably not accurate. The only way to avoid this would be the route out the appropriate space under each and inlay the PE part but unless you have a teeny-tiny router, that’s not going to happen, so you have to live with it.

There are also a few parts to detail the crew hatch on the top of the fuselage just in front of the top turret. The next group of parts consists of detail for the landing gear and wheel wells. While the kit supplied ones are nice, the twenty-one parts Eduard supplies for each wheel well really dresses this area up.

While some of the instructions are a bit sketchy (literally as the instructions have no words, only drawings), exact placement can take some studying of parts and their placement to get them in the right location. When done, however, they add immensely to the look of the finished kit.

Finally, there are five parts per engine to detail them. Three of them are small V shaped items that go on the front of the engine. The other two are tiny (read one millimeter in diameter) rings. These go on the air intakes that look like trumpets that stick out from the front of the engine. In the kit, these are solid. The Eduard ring part is to be applied to the front of the part to make it look hollow. Given their almost microscopic size, however, I found it easier to drill out the kit part to make it actually hollow and I dispensed with the PE parts.

All the parts fit well and when the instructions were followed bent to shape nicely. They have etched detail on them as well which also adds to the effect. You could use all the Eduard PE sets for these kits and really make the definitive Blenheim, but be prepared to either use an Opti-visor or squint a lot as some of the parts are very small indeed.

Thanks to Eduard for supplying the review sample and IPMS/USA for the chance to review it.


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