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Talk about a blast from the past – this kit hasn’t been seen since its 1986 release. The secondary market prices were approaching $100 and here it is again for our enjoyment at reasonable prices. This kit features some of the largest tires available for a 1:25 scale kit, and not one, but three fully blown Hemi drag motors and a wagon full of accessories.

This review covers the skill level 3 (ages 12 years and older) 2016 re-release of the Blazing Bison Puller Tractor 1:25 Scale AMT Model Kit #1006. There are 150+ pieces molded in yellow, black, and chrome, with metal axles, gigantic soft vinyl tires and waterslide decals. Finished dimensions are; ~ L-8”, W-5”, H-3”.

Construction and Detailing

To reduce color variations I recommend that you spray all the yellow pieces with a medium-tone primer.

Assembly of the motors was straightforward. These are simplified versions with most of the detail features molded in, but they look pretty good after assembly when properly detailed. Put everything together except the blower and paint the unit. I painted mine aluminum with black valve covers. To add some flair, I drilled out the hole for the distributor shaft and added a wired distributor to each engine. These are steel with a red cap. There were no difficulties with construction of the motors. I did notice that one of the oil pumps mounts above the notch however.

Gather the parts for the rear wheels and paint the rim backs aluminum. Note that the front and back of the tires have different size mounting holes. Next place the wheel weights on the rim fronts and add the brake discs to the rim backs. Install the inner and outer rims. Slide the tires onto the rims.

The puller body is a simple construction as is the driver figure. I painted him with a white suit and black helmet to resemble the box art photo. The puller body was sprayed orange with a yellow spoiler and allowed to dry. No surprises here; everything fits as it should. Next I placed the seat and driver into position without glue and adjusted the pedals, stalk and steering wheel into the driver’s feet and hands and let it setup. I removed the seat and driver after that to allow for a clear coat later over the decals.

Applying the decals is a bit tricky because of their size but Round2 has really improved the quality of their decals lately. Use plenty of warm water and some decal setting solution, especially for the larger ones and follow the kit guidelines for placement. Let that dry overnight and clear coat the body.

The chassis builds easily but take your time to get it lined up. I painted it with a fade from yellow in front to an orange in back then added the sponsor decals. You’ll notice that the “Meister Brau” sponsorship was removed from this re-popped kit. Construct the suspension starting with the supports. Add the short driveshaft with the transmission in place into the two notches in the frame. Add the longer driveshaft with the gear case and battery in the first long notch in the frame. Add the bell-housing to the short notch in the frame. The fuel tank is mounted to the bell-housing and gear case.

Add the puller body to the frame and make sure the body sits straight to align with the gear housing and instrument stalk.

The first motor is mounted in the location of the existing bell housing, the gear case, drive shaft and starter are black and the side panels are orange with the decals. Add the side panels into the holes in the frame. The driveshaft is in the upper hole of the gear case, the starter is in the lower hole and the gear case mounts to the frame notches.

The second motor gets mounted with the bell-housing in the frame notches. Then the motor attaches to it. The third motor (most forward) is the one with the different oil pump/distributor that’s installed above the notch unlike the other motors. Mount the bell housing to the motor and mount the motor to the existing gear case. install that in the frame. Paint the belt rubber color and install that with the starter and blower belt guard. NOTE: I did not use the side panels included here because in my research of the vehicle I couldn’t see an example where they were used.

NOTE: The only notable flaw I found during construction was the engine mount locations in the frame. It seemed that the mounting notches were too big and didn’t line up properly. I simply glued the engines to the frame where it appeared they should go and it looks just fine.

The front suspension is next so add the tie rod to the front axle and paint it yellow and add the decal. Finish the tractor by adding the tank support and brace and paint that yellow and add the decal and install to the frame horns. The weight bar is red and installed in the frame. Add the front tires to the front suspension and place a metal axle in one rear wheel and insert it into the frame axle and add the other rear wheel on the other side.

The tractor has weights that can be added to the weight bars and a little red wagon with some accessories. Just finish those in your choice of colors for a mini diorama.


I never thought I’d see this kit re-popped. It was a hoot to build! Everything was straight and fit well except for where the motors mount to the frame. Be prepared to eyeball those motors and use a little epoxy to affix them in the proper positions. Other than that it’s a quick build, and with a little detailing, this kit makes for a real standout model for your display. Thanks goes out to Round2 for re-issuing this nostalgic kit and to the IPMS for letting me share this review with everyone.


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