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November 11, 2018
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Base Kit
Harriers, Jaguars, Bucaneers, the usual UK carriers for Cluster munitions
Company: Eduard - Website:
Provided by: Eduard - Website:

IPMS/USA thanks the Eduard team once again for sending us this simple, excellent set for use with many UK fighter aircraft. And thanks to Phil and John for obtaining the sets for the team…

An extremely simple, but useful upgrade of any kit utlizing these unique cluster munitions. Consisting of four bomb bodies with fins cast in place (THANK YOU EDUARD), and four sets of fusing windmill vanes. I have only seen one or two sets of these bombs in plastic from modeling companies, and usually these wind vanes are molded as circles. Yep, circles. Kinetic’s bombs have actual vanes, but they are subject to the limits of plastic injection; the resin on Eduard’s set is far better! These vanes look the part and are delicate but take the minor sanding of the backside to remove the pour stub well (if you do it carefully). Also included are accurate decals.

More simple work! I primer painted the bomb body, then painted the aft section olive green; after the paint cured, I masked the aft section, and painted the forward bomb body in semi-gloss greenish Brown (a color from Krylon in their “Camo” paint range for the hunters among us to


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