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November 12, 2020
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I’ve always painted the outside of my canopy framing the interior color first and then painted the exterior color. This ensured that the interior color showed through the canopy. But there was always one thing that bothered me a little bit, the color was always glossy. Well it must have bothered Eduard as well. Enter the new range of TFace Masks, which provides masks for the interior and exterior canopy framing.

This particular set is designed for the Bf-109F series of Eduard models, both the F-2 and F-4. The masks are made of the infamous Kabuki tape so they are flexible and very easy to use. There are instructions to show you which masks to use where, including which is the inside masks and which are the outside ones.

Placing the masks is fairly easy but care has to be exercised when adding them to the interior as there are no panel lines to follow. I recommend that you add the interior masks first and then the exterior ones. Placing the exterior ones is easy enough.

One thing about the Eduard Bf-109F masks is that Eduard has the mid framing painted just like the Gustav. That is not correct. The frame is not there. This is easy to fix with a little bit of tape added to cover the framework. It is still faster than masking the canopy with just tape. Don’t forget to do the inside and out.

Then it is a matter of applying the interior color to the interior and the exterior color to the exterior. Truth be told I added the interior color to the inside and the exterior just in case my alignment of the interior masks was off slightly, it wouldn’t be noticeable.

I add my forward canopy prior to painting so that means I had to paint the interior and remove the masks PRIOR to adding the canopy.

I did notice one other thing, the masks for the external armor plating on front of the canopy didn’t fit as well as it should. I did have to make it slightly larger to fit properly. Still nothing too bad but it was disappointing to have to do it.

This set is easy and quick, even with having to mask off the center canopy midspan support and enlarging the mask on the armored glass. I hate masking canopies as it is, but these sets make it easy. Even with having to mask the insides this was much quicker than me having to cut tape and applying it. The results are impressive with the inside now having a flat finish like the real thing. I can’t see a downside to these masks, other than having to add the extra tape. They fit perfectly. They remove perfectly. And best of all if you are careful you may be able to use them again. How long before Eduard starts molding detail on the inside of the canopies as well? Great job Eduard.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Eduard and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours by contacting Eduard at or your local hobby shop or online retailer.


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