Bf-109F Mechanical Guide

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July 8, 2013
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Softcover, Quarterly publication, Japanese text, 160 pages in color and black and white photos, color profiles
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Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
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Model Art Modeling Magazine is one of the finest periodicals on the market. Each issue is a gold mine of high quality illustrations and imaging. In the case of this publication, the entire magazine focuses on the Bf-109F.

The book features six sections, each focusing on a different aspect that is of interest to a hobbyist.

Color profiles

Some of the profiles featured color call-outs, identifying the RLM colors, by RLM number, being displayed. These profiles are also quite detailed as to markings, including some stenciling, that one will find on the airframe.

Cockpit color illustrations of a Bf-109F-2 with color images of actual components from unrestored Bf-109Fs

Some of these images are of bits and pieces of unrestored airframe, control surfaces, or simply parts that I cannot identify. While not of particular use to the modeler, it is still fascinating to see such equipment in its natural and unrestored condition. In some cases, the components are in very good condition and the modeler will be able to use the images as a guide for painting these parts when building the Bf-109F.

Color images of BF-109F’s from various air museums

This section is a trove of detailed, close-up images of these museum residents. Fully restored and, I would imagine, with colors fully researched and verified, these images will aid the modeler in dotting the “i” and crossing the “t” when building the Bf-109F.

B&W images of aircraft on the ground featuring maintenance personnel going about their business

These images are wartime images and, of course, are not as useful for such work as selecting the proper paint or the proper markings to be used. On the plus side, these images show the aircraft with maintenance panels open or removed, the position of control surfaces while the airplane is at rest, and a number of other useful details.

B&W line drawings of the details found on Bf-109s….very similar to, if not actually found in, a maintenance manual

The drawings in this section are rich in detail and provide the modeler with very useful information about the location of hydraulic lines, close-up images of hinges for the flaps, actuating bars for various components….this would be the place to start for a modeler who wishes to add a massive amount of detail to a kit.

Modeling the Bf-109F featuring images of completed kits

  • Zvezda Bf-109F in 1/48th scale by Nomura Yukihiro
  • Zvezda Bf-109F-2 in 1/72nd scale by Matsuki Yuji
  • Finemolds Bf-109F-4/trop in 1/72nd scale by Ushibuse Noboru
  • Hasegawa Bf-109F-4/trop in 1/32nd scale by Matsuki Yuji
  • Hasegawa Bf-109F-4/trop in 1/48th scale by Kume Nobuhiro

A great picture is worth a thousand words, and the images showing the work of the modelers listed above are both instructional and inspirational for anyone wishing to model an “F” version.

This publication is highly recommended for both the quality of the images and the outstanding and inspirational modeling that one sees in those images. Also a factor in the recommendation is the use of the content for any modeler wishing to go a little above and beyond an OOB build. The amount of detail included in the publication is fantastic.

Thanks to Model Art for making this publication available to IPMS for review.


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