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November 16, 2020
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Dariusz Karnas & Karolina Holda
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Softbound, 24 pages, 6 color
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Company: MMP Books - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: MMP Books - Website: Visit Site

These little single books by MMP Books are quite interesting. They focus on a single subject that is covered very well. The only text is the captions which are written in English. They do an adequate job.

These books are designed with the modeler in mind. As such they have scale drawings in 1/72nd and 1/48th scale. I couldn’t find fault with these. They look very accurate to me. After the drawings there are some historical photos and pictures from the parts manual of the aircraft. Intertwined with those photos are plenty of detail photos that should satisfy most modelers. The detail photos are of the F-4 in the Canadian Museum. There are four color pages and one aircraft of Hermann Graf is presented in a three view profile.

Overall these books are very concise and to the point. They are perfect for a modeler who is on a budget but needs the information. At a little over $11.00 they are a bargain.

These books are a nice addition to any library and because many of the systems were used on later models of 109s don’t let the title limit you. Most of the information presented can be used from the F-2 through the G-4 and beyond.

Highly recommended

Thanks to MMP Books and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours by contacting them directly at or at a well stocked book dealer, hobby shop or online retailer in the US.


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