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November 12, 2020
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With the release of the new Bf-109F-4 from Eduard we are treated to numerous ways to upgrade the kit should you want to. Eduard has always been known for their photo etch so it is to be expected that they would offer something in photo etch for this kit.

This set of photo etch comes in the normal Eduard resealable package with card stock keeping the photo etch safe. The actual fret is brass with really good detail. The primary areas addressed by this set is the wheel wells, landing gear doors and the flaps.

The wheel well portion offers an accurate rendition of the wheel well insert with the appropriate cutouts. The landing gear doors provide you with two different styles of landing gear covers. I chose to use the ‘normal’ doors. They worked out just fine but you will need to curve them slightly to be accurate. They are suitably thin too. Also to the landing gear are the brake lines and the tie down rings on the bottom of the landing gear strut.

The biggest addition from this set is, unique to the F model, different flaps. The split flaps are different on the F model than the later G. The upper flap has a boundary layer built in. This is impossible to do in plastic but in photo etch it is much easier and realistic. This set captures that breakdown perfectly. Some experience and a folding tool will be necessary but it is all doable.

The other thing included is the strap for the drop tank. I didn’t need it for my set so I can’t speak to how well it fit but if the rest of the set is any indication it would fit fine.

Are these things ‘necessary’? I’d say so if for nothing more than the flaps. They are the most accurate looking flaps for a Friedrich model ever. The landing gear covers are nice as well. I’ll be using the earlier type of doors on my Royal Class kit. The insert in the wheel well is very accurate and looks even better than what is in the kit. This is the first time I’ve used everything in an Eduard set. This set is that good. I think it is essential. It is simple enough that most modelers won’t have any issues with it. There are some complex folds so you’ll need a folding tool. This set will add to the look of your Friedrich.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Eduard and IPMS/USA for the review example. You can obtain your copy from Eduard at or your local hobby shop or online retailer.


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