Bf-109 Late Versions-Camouflage and Markings

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January 24, 2011
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Krzysztof W. Wotowski
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White Series, Format A4 - Pages - 112 (112 in colour)
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I love late war 109s so this book was right up my alley. This book is printed in MMP’s White series which is an A4 sized softbound book with 112 pages.

The book focuses on late war 109s starting with the Bf-109G-5/AS to the K-4. The book starts off with a discussion of the tail units used on 109s. I found the differences very interesting and easily understood. Then a small section on late war Erla Haube canopy is discussed. A discussion of the colors and a color chart is next and especially helpful is the callout for CMYK and RGB colors. The first thing I noticed was the great drawings and color profiles. Gunther’s Speck G-5/AS is particularly striking.

One benefit of the larger format book is that 1/48th scale drawings are provided for each version. This will prove invaluable to the modeler.

The color profiles are really nice and an inspiration to me and the modeler. I saw at least a dozen aircraft that I wanted to do. Each color profile provides camouflage information and individual aircraft particularities, as well as, some historical data about the aircraft.

It is interesting that each of the big manufacturers is covered as it helps define the aircraft camouflage. This unique and logical breakdown will be very helpful to the modeler.

The photos both color and black and white are very nicely rendered. They are large and clear enough for the modeler to determine if MMP got the color call out correct. Most photos are half or a third of a page which are ample for most applications. Interestingly, the photos are not necessarily the same aircraft that are included in the drawings. I would prefer to see the actual photos they made the determinations from. This is just a personal preference and in no way detracts from the content.

Captured British, Hungarian, Yugoslav and Italian 109s are not forgotten. I really love the layout of the book.

Full color profiles, 1/48th scale drawings, large photos plus the tail information make this book a winner. I found everything very nicely done and totally inspirational. If you like late war 109s then this is definitely a book you will want to add to your library. It is comprehensive and informative. Definitely a must have.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for review copy. You can get your copy by contacting Mushroom Model


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