Berlin Airlift C-47s

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February 3, 2020
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1/72 C-47
Company: Iliad Design - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Iliad Design - Website: Visit Site
Decal Sheet

I really like decals that represent historic moments in time and Iliad has released a set that is right up this alley with decals to represent four of the C-47’s that participated in the Berlin Airlift in 1/72nd scale. There are several kits available including Airfix and Italeri.

Inside the package, you get a single double sided sheet covering all the profiles of the planes which include:

  • Fassberg Flyer
  • C-47 in OD/Gray from Templehof
  • C-47 of European Air Transport Services in dull natural metal
  • C-47 from BOAC

The sheet has a very detailed description of the plane, its paint schemes and the details of its service. The back side of the page has top and bottom profiles describing the color of control surfaces and other details such as deicing boots. The decals are on a sheet with superb printing and include enough decals to do all four planes.

This is a wonderful sheet and is a great stop down memory lane. Add to the fact that you can do all four plane and that the research and detail is top notch. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Iliad Designs for the opportunity to review this great set of markings.


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