Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk II

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History Brief

From the re-imagined television series, the Mk II Viper was a space superiority fighter/attack craft of the Colonial Fleet during the first Cylon War. It was then called back into service 40 years later onboard the aging Battle Star “Galactica” to defend against the more advanced Cylon fighter during the exodus from the holocaust of the 12 colonies.

The Product

It’s a prebuilt and fully finished kit ready to display. It’s packaged in a custom box that’s representative of the launch/flight tube. The model is accurate, nicely done, and looks pretty decent for a pre-built. It has a very nice old-school 2-piece display stand that needs assembly. “Husker,” the pilot figure, looks great and seems to be comfortable…check six! According to Moebius, Apollo and Hot Dog will be also represented, which is good to know if you are a collector.

The Bottom Line

I like it and my wife, the real BSG fan, loves it and that’s what counts. Two thumbs up. Thanks to Moebius and IPMS/USA for the pleasure to review this nice display model.


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