Battlecruiser – Fast Battleship Haruna – Super Drawings in 3D

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March 20, 2013
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Waldemar Goralski & Miroslaw Skwiot
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Softcover, 84 pages, 131 photos, fold-out line drawing
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Company: Kagero Publishing - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site

Bottom Line

An ultimate and highly detailed modeler’s guide to building IJN Haruna in late 1944 fit. Targeted to 1/350 scale, but suitable for all other scales.

Kagero has produced over a dozen books on WW2 warships that use computer graphics in 3D to provide superb detail. This latest book on the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) battlecruiser/fast battleship Haruna is once again an ultimate resource for knowing what the ship looked like in late 1944. Other time periods are not depicted. This book is an ideal companion to 1/350 kits of the Haruna (Fujimi), but is also an ultimate guide to other scales.

I do not know exactly how or where the authors found their reference material, but in my experience, their rendition looks perfectly accurate. Judging from their other publications, I would trust the accuracy of their work. This book details the history of how the class was constructed, and the Haruna in particular. It does not give an operational history, which can easily be found from other sources. It does give accurate specifications for machinery, armor, armament, and fittings in a brief opening chapter.

Most of the book is devoted to full color 3D drawings of the Haruna in late 1944 fit (just before the Leyte Gulf action). Many views of each section of the ship are provided, even looking up at the reinforcements and supports for overhangs and sponsons. The detail is incredible and looks like photographs – actually, better than photographs. Even hull plating rivets are shown. The drawings are above the waterline, with minimal coverage of under the waterline. Fittings such as armament, paravanes, searchlights, boats, and so forth are given attention. The color looks right.

An insert that folds out shows full-length line drawings of the Haruna on one side and deck/platform details on the other side in 1/350 scale – very helpful for modeling.


This book is a must-have for anyone building a model of the IJN fast battleship Haruna. It allows for super-accurate super detailing, probably more than most modelers can handle. Well worth the cost. Very highly recommended for building IJN fast battleship class models.

My thanks to Casemate Publishing for supplying the book for review, and to IPMS-USA for allowing me to review it.


  • Photo 1: Front cover of Kagero’s Super Drawings in 3D Battlecruiser – fast battleship Haruna.
  • Photo 2: Back cover of Kagero’s Super Drawings in 3D Battlecruiser – fast battleship Haruna.
  • Photo 3: Bridge of Haruna showing amazing detail of the wind deflectors and additions from last refit.
  • Photo 4: Close-up of range-finding bridge top, with 3D effect for rest of ship. Better than a photograph.
  • Photo 5: Close-up of a 127mm AA gun mount. Every drawing shows exquisite details and realism.


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