Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile

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March 31, 2016
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This is the latest Batmobile from the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice movie. It is a nice looking vehicle! The instruction booklet is concise and gives great illustrations.

The kit contains

  • 8 sprues molded in light grey styrene
  • 1 clear sprue
  • 4 Black Rubber tires
  • 1 instruction booklet.


The kit is not too complex and can be built in a number of sub-assembles via 8 main steps. The use of sub-assemblies allows you to paint these as you progress through the build. I would recommend that you test fit each part before any glue is used as a few need a little adjusting to fix correctly.

  • Step 1 builds the main chassis and engine and was very easy and went together with no issues
  • Step 2 builds the lower body onto the Chassis from step 1. At this stage I paint this competed sub assembly.
  • Step 3 assembles the wheel hubs to the rubber tires; I painted the hubs before assembly.
  • Step 4 this step assembles the rolling chassis parts. I actually chose to leave the wheels off until the model was complete so I did not have to mask them.
  • Step 5 now onto the interior which was quick and simple to do. Once again I painted assemble once completed.
  • Step 6 this stage is the upper body components and went together with no problems.
  • Steps 7 build the front and rear sets of wings plus the rear wing support structure. With the rear support structure I would suggest you build into the body as you put it together as I did.
  • Step 8 is the final assembly of the upper body, interior and chassis.
  • Step 9 adds the wings to the main body. Now this is the only step that gave me a problem during the build. The installation of the rear wings onto the support structure was very difficult and I had to assembly and dis-assemble a couple of times to get it looking correct and lined up.
  • The last part is the painting of the finished model using the two pages at the back of the instruction booklet. I used a mix of Model Masters Gunmetal and Model masters Metallic Gunmetal (50% of each). This gave a great finish that I was pleased with.

Overall I found this kit enjoyable and the only improvement I would have suggested was to add a Batman figure.

Thanks go to Moebius Models for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.


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