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AMT recently released the NASCAR Car of Tomorrow Racing Dreams Snap/it generic race car with some special markings attempting to appeal to the wider base of children modelers. The kit is simplified in its parts count and if the directions are followed a fairly simple build. Clippers, a file or sanding stick, hobby knife and screw driver are all that are needed to complete this kit. Painting is not necessary to complete the build.

Available options are limited to the choice of rear wing or spoiler. There are only one set of stickers with a few placement options. If you choose certain parts such as the containment seat, rims, dash board, chassis and drive train could use some detail painting. Unfortunately for the junior modeler there are no color options called out for, they will have to wing it. There is no under-hood detail or engine, a primary focal point for most race car models.

Parts Count:

  • 6 Light gray styrene
  • 8 Light green styrene plus one body
  • 8 Shinny black styrene
  • 15 Flat black styrene
  • 2 Metal axles
  • 6 screws
  • 4 Rubber tires
  • 1 Pre-painted clear styrene
  • 1 Batman sticker sheet
  • 1 4 page 7 step instruction booklet

Instructions are laid out in 7 steps, but within each step are multiple sub steps. It is very important to follow the sequence other wise follow up parts may not be able to be inserted. Most all the parts will only positively snap into place once so care must be given to get the alignment correct the first time. Liquid cement is always an option for some of the leaser fitting parts.

On step #4 part 8 the roll cage top is very difficult to properly align and could give a smaller child hysterics. Glue is definitely a positive at this junction. The side skirts in Step #5 parts 3 and 4 are best glued into place also as they have a tendency to fall down when you try to place the body to chassis.

As for the adult modeler looking for an easy NASCAR build, sure this is it. But, you will find too little detail and a few ill fitting parts which I hope don’t discourage you from finishing the kit. On the positive side it is the only NASCAR kit to sport a new containment style seat, front valance and rear Car of Tomorrow rally style wing.

The Batman NASCAR COT Snap/it took me about 1 and half hour to complete. Had I not been taking notes and pictures probably only 45 minutes or so. I believe for a junior with maybe a few prior snap tite autos builds under their belt this would be a fun model. As a first kit, they might need just a little assistance to keep them on track with the order of the instructions otherwise not that difficult of a build. The model itself, once build, feels sturdy enough to take a few laps and maybe a few crashes.

Thanks to Round 2 AMT, Dick Montgomery, and Dave Morrissette, the rest of the IPMS Reviewer Corps assistants and IPMS/USA for the chance to build and review this subject.


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