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Hauler-Brengun continues on its path to help modelers everywhere add realism and interest to their dioramas with this latest set, a complete bathroom in 1/35 scale. The set is perfectly cast in gray resin with 26 total pieces.

The pieces are broken down as follows:

  • Sink - 4 parts
  • Tub - 7 parts
  • Toilet - 6 parts
  • Shelves - 2 parts
  • Dresser - 1 part
  • Toilet Paper Holder - 1 part
  • Mirror - 1 part
  • Lamps - 4 parts

Cast is very good. I did have a little breakage on one lamp arm but it was a snap to replace with metal. Everything is included to set up a scale model bathroom!

Construction starts, like most resin kits, with cleaning up the parts. There are some very small part such of the faucets for the sink and tub. I cut mine from the casting block and was very careful cleaning up the small seam lines. The wall connections for the globe lamps are also fragile and I broke one which was replaced with fine wire. The rest of the parts were easy to cut loose and a quick sand and it was ready for assembly

Assembly was basic. The legs were added to the tub. The toilet tank and piping was assembled. The bottom of the sink was added and the faucets glued to the sink and tub. Once dry, everything was ready for priming.

All parts were primed with Alclad gray primer. This was let cure completely overnight. Painting was broken down into three parts. First, was the white parts such as the tub, sink and toilet were painted with Tamiya Gloss white thinned with lacquer thinner given a high gloss porcelain look. The same white was used for the lamp globes. Second, the wood parts such as the shelves, dresser, mirror and toilet seats were given a coat of Tamiya desert tan. Once dry, lines were drawn with a worn brush and sepia paint to simulate wood grain. Once dry, Tamiya clear green and red were mixed for a nice brown color and then sprayed over all the wood parts. This created a nice depth and gloss. Lastly, the metal parts were painted with silver from Citadel paints for the faucets and worn copper for the light fixtures.

This is a great set and highly recommended. For dioramas having anything to do with bathrooms, it is a required upgrade. My thanks to Hauler Brengun for the chance to review this set.


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