Bandits over Baghdad

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October 12, 2011
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Warren E. Thompson
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Softcover, 6x9", 216-pp, 136 b&w images,
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Provided by: Specialty Press
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As a Desert Storm veteran, it was quite a unique thing the first time I actually saw an F-117 in the air. The initial raids against Baghdad brought to light the existence of these stealth fighters and their capabilities. Firsthand accounts of air combat have always been a favorite read of mine. This book was right up my alley.

This soft bound book features 200 pages of accounts from the pilot, ground crew and commander’s perspective during the war. The book features many previously un-published black and white photos. These will be helpful and informative for the modeler. Every photo comes with an extensive caption that provides insight.

The planning, execution, and after action portion of the missions are eye opening. The selection of bombs and targets is really interesting. Sometimes a certain mission is discussed from a variety of perspectives. This is really unique and puts the personal perspective on the book. Some of the photos have mission markings and names that the model builder will find very helpful.

The text is informative and an easy read. The pictures are interesting so as a historian and model builder this is really inspirational. Can you use it to build an F-117 using this as a reference? No, but that is not the purpose of this book. If you want to find out what goes into a mission, both inside and outside the cockpit this is a book you’ll want to add to your collection.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Specialty Press and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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