Bachem Ba-349 Natter M52/M58

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December 4, 2016
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Box Art

Brengun has been giving us fans of the smaller scales some wonderful products to work with. This 2 in 1 kit is no exception. Housed in a box about the size of a Samsung Galaxy 7 (but less likely to catch fire on your workbench), the Brengun kit of this failed Luftwaffe wonder weapon consists of 2 identical sets of sprues and two clear canopies, allowing you to build 2 different prototypes. Mustermaschine 52 is the earlier version with a horizontal tail the same span as the wings, and Mustermaschine 58 is the later variant that replicates the production version.

In 1/144 scale, this is a diminutive kit of a diminutive subject, measuring little over 1.5 inches in length and a little less in span. The only real variation between the two versions is the horizontal tail. I chose to build the M52, mostly because the photogrammetric markings on each wing surface made for an interesting addition to the otherwise bland paint scheme of RLM 02. I hand painted this color inside and out using an old bottle of Aeromaster enamel. The red nose section was painted using Vallejo acrylics and Testors’ White was brushed on the tail section. The simple wooden stand saw Vallejo dark brown and some drybrushing with light brown.

A little sanding and filling was required during the 15 minutes of assembly time. I stretched some kit sprue to fill a gap on the bottom fuselage joint. The remainder of that sprue was used to create a rudimentary control stick. A brush coat of Pledge Multi Surface Floor Finish prepped the Natter for decals. These went on easily, but were exceptionally fragile and in fact I damaged several of them after they were in place and dry.

A final coat of Valspar satin from a rattle can and the project was finished. The model is diminutive – smaller than a Testor’s ¼ ounce bottle of paint, in fact.

My thanks go to IPMS/USA and to Brengun for the opportunity to review this tiny but enjoyable project.


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