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The firm Master Model, from Poland, produces a very wide range of exquisite turned-brass accessories for the aircraft, ship, and armor modeler. Their products include Pitot tubes, machine gun and cannon barrels, shells, and spent shell casings in almost every scale you can think of from 1/700 scale for ship models to 1/24 scale for aircraft models.

The pitot tube under review today came in a simple card-backed package with the part contained in a plastic sleeve. It is listed for “all kits” of the BAC/EE Lightning in 1/72 scale. This includes the most recently released gem from Airfix, the recent Trumpeter releases, and kits dating all the way back to the Frog issues of this aircraft.

I compared the Master Model pitot tube to the stock version contained within the recently released Airfix Lightning. The brass part is perfectly straight, more in scale, and is missing the mold-seam line that needs to be removed from the plastic kit part. It is also made of a stronger material, brass, than the plastic part.

For the relatively low price being asked, I think this accessory from Master Model is an excellent addition to my Airfix kit build. I can’t recommend it more highly. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Master Model for providing IPMS/USA with the opportunity to review this product.


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