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October 14, 2010
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I have a few Airfix and Hasegawa Marauders is my stash. I am always looking for eye-catching decal options in addition to the supplied kit options. Superscale have issued decal sheets featuring the B-26 in the past, many of which are no longer in available. Even with these decal sheets the Marauder has not been served well in 1/72 scale and the schemes are sometimes boring. Iliad design usually produce decals sheets for more exotic types in 1/48 scale, but recently they have been tapping into 1/72 scale market and one in their new range is a sheet featuring the B-26. Five options are included in the new decal sheet. They are:

  1. B-26B, 42-96185 of the 56th BS, Venlo Holland June 1944 Overall Natural Metal “Centenarian”.
  2. B-26B, 42-95867 of the 1st Pathfinder Sqn., April 1945 OD and NG featuring a sharkmouth.
  3. B-26B, 42-95894 of the 494 BS, OD upper with Natural metal side and undersurface “Georgia's on My Mind”.
  4. B-26B, 42-43279 of the 442 BS OD and NG “The Old Warrior”.
  5. B-26C, 42-107783 of the 441 BS Overall Natural Metal “Thumper II”.

The Iliad design review sample is in perfect registry and the colors are vivid. I have not used them yet, but having talked to others that have used their decals, the white is opaque enough and should cover any underlying paint without see-through. I particularly like the shark teeth option from the 1st pathfinder squadron and plan to do that one first. So if you are looking for something different for your Hasegawa Marauder than this sheet might be just what you're looking for. Highly recommended. Now what box did I hide my B-26s in, I hope I don't get trapped underneath the mountain of boxes in my stash. If I don't make it back alive from my search please tell my wife and kids that I love them (ha!).

Thanks to Iliad Design and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this sample.


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