B-24 Liberator In Action

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August 3, 2012
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David Doyle
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Softcover, 88 pages, b&w and color historical photos, detail drawings, color profiles
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The B-24 Liberator has long been one of my favorite aircraft from WWII. While it could never be considered an attractive airplane, and was very ungainly while on the ground, it did have a certain elegance once the wheels were up and the plane was in the air.

I was pleased when I was selected to review the latest In Action book from Squadron-Signal Publications. It features the B-24 Liberator, and is chock-full of period photos in both black & white and color. It follows the typical format of this type of book, covering the entire range of B-24 variants. Starting with the XB-24, it tracks the development of the airframe to its final incarnation, the F7A. Along the way, there are sections dedicated to variants, with photos to show how one differed from the next.

In addition to the wonderful period photos, there are plenty of line drawings that highlight important details. There are some great shots of nose art – and the B-24 had some airframes boasting very impressive artwork! Also included are some very nice profile graphics showing how different aircraft were painted and marked.

This is a great addition to the Squadron In Action series and a must for anyone who shares an interest in this very well-known bomber.

Many thanks to MMD-Squadron for the review copy and to IPMS for the chance to review it.


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