B-1B Lancer Decals Part 2

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May 5, 2019
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Caracal Models is one of leaders in aviation decals offered in 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scale with many unique subjects never offered before now. This B-1B Lancer (“BONE”) is a continuation of a very popular subject with large colorful nose art and some tail flash.

Printed by Cartograph, the four sheets are printed perfectly with the small markings are very fine and easy to read. Two of the four sheets are dedicated to walkways, stencils and standard markings. The other two sheets are unique to each subject. Markings included for McConnel (127th BS in 2000), three Dyess aircraft, one Ellsworth and one Robins AFB aircraft. There are instructions consist of eight color sheets that clearly show placement of markings for the six subjects. The instructions indicate the correct FS paint color (one color makes it easy) for all aircraft with note options of painting the refueling receptacle instead of a decal.

This is a nice addition to the colorful nose arts worn on the B-1B Lancer fleet. Being a single color aircraft, these colorful markings really bring life to a rather simple airframe. Caracal models continues with a quality decal sheet, instructions and great online reference links to help modelers accurately finish their B-1B. The only 1/48 model available are the 30 plus year old Revell molds and they are getting hard to find. These kits can be found online and at local contest vendor tables. As in the past, Revell will likely reissue this kit, especially with a new batch of resin for this beast hitting the market. I am sure there will be more “BONE” markings in the near future and with a few new promised models hitting the market, keep an eye out in the smaller scales.

I would like to thank Caracal Models for this review sample.


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