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February 9, 2013
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Great Wall is a company new to me. I have seen their wonderful P-61 in a much larger scale and was impressed. This kit of the Avro Vulcan B.2 is equally impressive, especially considering the small scale.

Upon opening the box, I was Impressed with the packaging. Everything was either wrapped in plastic or foam paper. The fuselage is broken in half horizontally. I really liked the one-piece intakes that fit perfectly. In fact, every piece on this kit fits beautifully. No filler was needed at all.

Due to locating pins in the wings, they snapped together perfectly. This was the best fitting kit I have ever built.

I didn’t forget to add a nose weight before closing the fuselage. The kit includes an instrument panel and two pilots which I didn’t put in, as they cannot be seen thru the tiny windscreen.

The tail is a two-piece affair and also fit nicely. I was impressed with the canopy, which was in two pieces that locked into place and aligned just right. The landing gear was just beautiful and all went together nicely and looks just right according to my photos of the Vulcan. Each main gear consists of 12 pieces. The instructions are very clear so there was no mistaking how the gear went together.

I painted the entire aircraft with Duplicolor Light Grey Primer, then airbrushed Vallejo Air Russian Green for the camo. The decals were very sturdy and could take a little rough handling. The lay down flat with no silvering. Just a touch of Micro Sol was all that was needed.

This kit included a display stand of the early Revell variety, but it had no slot in the underside of the fuselage to attach it. This was to show the aircraft in flying mode. Two sets of L/G doors were included in case you wanted to show this bird flying.

Overall, I loved this kit. I hope Great Wall continues the V-bombers in this scale. This is a huge aircraft but in 1/144 it fits nicely on my shelf and looks beautiful. My thanks to Dragon Models USA and Steve Collins of IPMS-USA for giving it to me to review.


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