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Back in 1986 I was in Great Britain to attend the British Grand Prix. I wasn’t aware of the fact that between the support races they staged an air show. I was very impressed with the vintage British aircraft which included a Lancaster, a Spitfire, a Hurricane among a vast number of classics. The one aircraft that impressed me the most was the Avro Vulcan. When this big bomber passed over, it blocked out the sun and deafened all around. It made several passes both at low speed and also at high and also dirty with everything opened. Since that time, I have always wanted to build a model of this unique big bird.

Fortunately, Cyber Hobby has produce one in a small enough scale that it doesn’t take up too much space on my shelves.. The kit is molded in light grey plastic and the detail of the parts is exceptional, especially for this small scale. I have built several Cyber Hobby aircraft in the past few months and have always complained about the instructions. I must continue to echo this complaint. They really stink. The have a listing of paint colors by different manufacturers but at no time do they tell you what color goes where.

I was a good thing that I have a book on the Vulcan and access to the internet where I got reference for the colors of the various parts.

The instructions are of the blow up variety and are equally baffling. As an example the instructions have parts B-24, of which there are four, but it is not clear where they go.

The landing gear is beautiful but the assembly is very tricky. The wheels are VERY tiny and require a lot of care both in painting and gluing. Do not forget to put a lot of weight in the nose to prevent tail sitting.

I did like the feature of having the boarding ladder in optional positions. The tail requires a bit of filler when attaching to the fuselage. The intakes are rather nice and the assembly is a perfect fit. Don’t forget to paint them white as are the landing gear door interiors. I am not sure why Cyber Hobby chose to give an interior with separate pilots since they cannot be seen through the tiny canopy windows. Fit of almost all of the parts is very good and didn’t require filler. I would suggest painting the canopy before attaching to avoid difficult masking.

The instructions call for the camouflage marking for the Falklands was as this kit is to recognize the 50th anniversary of that war.

I painted the aircraft using Vallejo Air colors over a light grey duplicolor primer. The decals are super and by Cartograf. Just remember that they are super thin and super sticky so keep them wet and use a setting solution under them.

I would recommend this kit to any builder with some experience especially with tiny parts. This model only took me a week (on and off). It was a fairly easy build and it looks great on my shelf. I may buy another and do it in the white scheme.

I wish to thank Dragon Models USA and Steve Collins for this kit to review.


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