Avions De Combat De L’OTAN Depuis 1949 (Combat Aircraft of NATO since 1949)

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March 1, 2021
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Gerard Paloque
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Hardback, 600 profiles and about 300 period photographs
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Company: Casemate UK - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate UK - Website: Visit Site
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Ok, I know what you’re thinking this book is written in French so why would I be interested? Let me assure you any aircraft modeler interested in NATO aircraft from 1949 to the present is going to find this tome a veritable cornucopia of modeling inspiration! Inside you will find an incredible selection of every type of aircraft used by NATO. The author takes you through 21 countries in alphabetical order starting with a brief narration in French but don’t despair, what follows are an incredible number of profiles and photos of aircraft ranging from Vampires to Vipers or Thunderstreaks to Typhons. The section on the United States is the most extensive with a unit by unit accounting the types used and lots of illustrations with brief unit descriptions that are not hard to figure out. When I requested this book, I wasn’t sure how I would decipher it with High School French I took over 30 years ago. As it turns out, you don’t really need any French to figure this book out. What you do get is a book nice enough to leave on the coffee table that you will look at repeatedly for your next aircraft model project. Highly recommended.

Thank You to Casemate Publishers for providing the sample volume and to IPMS for graciously sharing it with me to share with you.


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