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The kit is extremely well done with all the parts fitting together as they should. Revell even included chain to tie down cars and vinyl tubing to plumb all the hydraulic lines. The decal sheet has several new car window stickers that I thought was pretty neat.

There was very little to no flash on this kit, but the instructions were not very well done. Case in point – part #48, hydraulic line junction box. Instructions call for attaching two (2) to the underside of the frame. No problem there. The problem arise because there are twelve (12) of the part #48 and they’re not shown or mentioned anywhere in the instructions. You need to look at the box cover to discover the placement.

I have to mention that the completed kit is huge and will easily fit 6 cars and maybe even 8.

HOK white was used to paint the chassis and framing while HOK Galaxy grey was used for the ramps. I made the Crazy Auto Transport decals rather than using those supplied in the kit.

Revell needs to be thanked for issuing such a fine kit and thank you to IPMS for providing me the opportunity to build it. Now I need to find a big truck to haul it.


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