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Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
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Ammo isa company founded by Mig Jimenez and based out of Spain. It provides products for the modeling community by way of paints, weathering effects, tools, and various modeling merchandise. Ammo has provided IPMS-USA a twelve (12) bottle acrylic paint set for review.

In the Box

The paint set contains twelve (12) 20 ml bottles with nontoxic and odorless water based acrylic paints.Inside each bottle is an agitator ball to help mix when shaking. These paints are presented in a new clear container featuring a new cap that can be opened and closed with one hand. The following colors are provided:

  • ATOM-20001 SATIN WHITE FS 27875
  • ATOM-20051 EARTH FS 30219
  • ATOM-20077 DUNKELGRÜN FS 34079
  • ATOM-20124 LIGHT GRAY FS 36495
  • ATOM-20129 LIGHT GHOST GRAY FS 36375
  • ATOM-20131 SEAL GREY FS 36270
  • ATOM-20133 DARK GHOST GRAY FS 36320
  • ATOM-20134 BLUE GRAY FS 35237
  • ATOM-20138 LIGHT GREY GREEN FS 36622
  • ATOM-20148 SHADOW GREY FS 36118
  • ATOM-20162 SATIN BLACK FS 27038

With this set, you will be able to paint modern USAF and US Navy aircraft from the 1970’s to the present day.

The Ammo website describes these as a water-based paint formula but behaves as a lacquer and is optimized for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush. These paints are self-leveling and quick drying. In addition, they are extremely durable, allowing for acrylics, enamels, and even hotter modelling products such as decal solutions to be applied over them.

It is recommended to thin with A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner.

Review Process

For this review I used white plastic spoons that I prepared by sanding with a 400-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface. This was followed by an airbrushed coat of Mr. Surfacer 1500 White on both sides. Then on the outer side I taped off half of the spoon and airbrushed Mr. Surfacer 500 Gray for color contrast.

Next, I airbrushed each paint to the outer side of the spoon. For this process I used 3 drops of paint, and 2 drops of Vallejo Airbrush Thinner. The airbrushed used was an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS with a .50 mm nozzle.

The mixture produces a thinned paint that flowed and atomized very well out of the airbrush. The color of the base primer coat will have little to no impact of the final hue since there was no transparency bleed through after a few coats. The paint dries fast and dead flat (satin finish for white and black).After about 12 hours cure time, it is also very durable.

For the inner side of the spoon, I applied the paint with a round No. 1 sized brush using applications straight from the bottle and using water as the thinner. Of the twelve paints, most left some brush strokes straight out of the bottle. However, all of them responded well when I found that “sweet spot” of paint-to-water mixture and it flowed beautifully from the brush once a good ratio was achieved. Once applied, the paint does dry fast so keep an eye on the moisture content if you are painting over a large surface. Note: for Satin White I had to use a gray base coat on the spoon for easier observation. To make the paint last longer, I recommend a wet pallet for brush painting.


This is a great acrylic paint set for the hobby. It applied well from the airbrush and paint brush and did act like a lacquer when applied. The colors have a dead flat finish once dry (satin for black and white) and durable when fully cured. Just make sure a quality paint primer coat is applied to the surface first.

I want to thank Ammo for providing this paint set and IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review.

Highly Recommend to EVERYONE!


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