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Company: Hasegawa - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hasegawa - Website: Visit Site
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This is a re-issue of a kit first issued in 2015. It is an excellent kit in the Hasegawa range and is very easy to build as long as you watch the instruction details carefully.

In the box is:

  • 2 x black rubber sprues
  • 2 x orange sprues
  • 1 clear sprue
  • 2 x light grey sprues
  • 3 x dark grey sprue
  • 1 length of hose
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 4 x poly caps
  • 1 mesh sheet
  • 2 x springs
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 collector card

The sprues are extremely well molded with no flash and great detail. The parts are all molded in the correct colors so if the build is done well there is no need to do much painting.


Stage 1 Assembly begins with the female driver, I left the arms off as these need to be positioned correctly once in the cabin seat.

Stage 2 and 3 are the assembly of the cabin. The parts go together very well. You need to apply decals during these stages. You need to ensure you assembly the clear parts in the correct order and decals applied during the build. There were a couple of injection pins marks that needed filling on the interior.

Stage 4, 5 and 6 assemble the smaller sub arm with the cutter. You need to ensure you build this slowly and in the correct order. The rubber hose attachment was a bit of trial and error as I found the CA glue was not very good. I did find that Plastic Weld worked best. Also be careful with the routing of the hose to ensure they are correct. The instructions have great color pictures of this to assist.

Stage 7, 8 and 9 assemble the Main arm with crusher. This is very similar to the small arm build, please ensure your careful with the hoses etc.

Stage 10, 11 and 12, assemble the main upper body build and the two arms. This assembly is very easy. You do need to add weight in the rear of the body at this stage. Plus there are a few decals to add to the upper top surface.

Stage 13 and 14 assemble the lower body crawler unit. The only issue I found here was the tracks which I glued before attaching.

Stage 15 is the final assembly of the main body to the lower crawler base and a few additional details

Next is the decals.


This is excellent kit from Hasegawa, I really enjoyed this and look forward to building another one like this. This is not a difficult kit to build so any standard of modeler can enjoy assembling this kit.

Thanks go to Hobbico/Hasegawa for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.


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