Apache Warrior 1860-86

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Dr Robert N. Watt, Illustrated by Adam Hook
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Softcover, 64 pages
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Warrior 172
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This book just changed my “image” of the Apaches as an undisciplined and unsophisticated group of fighters. The Apaches begin training new warriors at an early age and in addition to the obvious physical toughness there is considerable effort to develop mental toughness, obedience and agility. Of particular interest is the Apache concept of risk versus reward. Raids and wars are very carefully planned to consider all tactical and strategic options as well as contingencies and exit routes in case of problems. For a raid or war to be successful the primary goal is to greatly reduce the chance that a warrior to be killed since that reflects badly on the leader and places a burden on the tribe to care for the lost warrior’s family.

The book does describe some of the Apache engagements with the USA and Mexico as well as narratives about some of the main Apache tribes and leaders. Of keen interest is the battle weapons and tactics and that the Apaches entered battle minimally dressed in order to avoid infection due to clothing in the wound.


This is a very interesting and educational book that does a lot to provide a better perspective of the Apache warrior and tactics. Thank you to Osprey Publishing for supplying the book and to IPMS USA for allowing me to write the review.


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