Antonov AN-26 Decals with Teeth

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Any 1:144 AN-26 kit
Company: Foxbot - Website: Visit Site
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AN-26 History From Wikipedia

While the An-24T tactical transport had proved successful in supporting Soviet troops in austere locations, its ventral loading hatch restricted the handling of cargo. As a result, a version (An-26) with a retractable cargo ramp was designed that allowed the cargo deck to be sealed and pressurized in flight.

The An-26 includes military equipment, such as tip-up paratroop canvas seats, an overhead traveling hoist, bulged observation windows and parachute static line attachment cables. It can be configured in 20-30 minutes from the troop transport or freight mission to the medical evacuation role with up to 24 stretchers fitted.

The Decals

Continuing FOXBOT’S tradition of excellence from Ukraine, these decals are excellent in both registry and color. The carrier film has both minimal margins and thickness making the very pliable for contour and feature coverage.

There are two liveries represented including the German Expendables 3 force, and the Blue 44 Ukrainian Air Force unit.

In addition to these top-drawer decals there are highly detailed placement and camouflage color call outs in the instructions.

If you have a desire to build this aircraft with an iconic shark tooth livery you won’t be disappointed with this set.

I wish to thank FOXBOT and IPMS USA for the opportunity to present these decals.


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