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May 22, 2018
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MasterBox continues to floor me with their bold choices of modeling subjects (especially figures) and this one is no exception. First of a series of figures based on classic Greek mythology, the Medusa here is created in 1/24th(75mm) scale and is a relatively easy build of a truly legendary icon.

Typical of MasterBox figures, there are some discrepancies between the illustration and the sculpture. Unlike most figure manufacturers, MasterBox creates a new figure by first eliciting an illustration. Then the sculptors work on the finished item using the illustration as a guide. In this case, the illustrator created a Medusa that looks something like a sorority girl with a skin condition and a bad hair day. The sculpture, if anything, is actually better, as the features are far more authentically Greek. In fact, the first time I looked at the face she reminded me of the Statue of Liberty, which is itself crafted along the classic Greek standards for feminine beauty.

As I stated, this is a relatively easy build for the most part, with only a few challenges along the way. The fit is good enough that little putty should be required, except around the shoulders where the arms meet and a bit around the “hairdo.”

Painting is also a relatively straight-forward affair, although I found some challenges again when working with the “hair” as there were a number of deep crannies to paint. It’s also something of a process to make sure that the developing scales on her arms and legs look like scales and not just some odd stain on the skin. Fun, actually, but then I like a bit of a challenge.

The final figure certainly is striking, and makes an interesting addition to any fantasy collection. About my only quibble with the sculpting is once again with the “do” as they created a sort of “fall” of snakes on the back of her head, whereas most depictions of her that I’ve seen over the years show the snakes writhing over the entirety of her head, with the tails embedded in her skull. However, it does make for an interesting take on the subject.

If you want to play with something a bit different, and aren’t bothered by working with figures, you’ll find this one a fun and relatively easy build with all sorts of painting challenges to keep you at it. Highly recommended.

Of course, my thanks to IPMS/USA for tossing this review my way and especially for MasterBox Models, who keep surprising me with their innovative approaches to the world of plastic modeling.


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