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March 28, 2020
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1/48 scale F-100, F101, F-105, F111, F4 and AC-130 kits
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The AN/ALQ-87 is an electronic countermeasure pod (originally the QRC-160-8) was first used in 1967. Carried by a variety of military aircraft during the Vietnam, it was commonly seen on the F-100, F-101, F-105, F-111, F-4 and the AC-130. The ECM pod function is to jam the enemy radars guiding surface-to-air missiles, and ground-control intercept radars handling multiple jamming functions. The AN/ALQ-87 was phased out of service in the early 1970’s and replaced by the AN/ALQ-119.

Eduard is known for a wide variety of high quality resin, photo etch and full kits. The AN/ALQ-87

Is part of their “Brassin” line which is a multi-media product that includes resin, photo etch and appropriate decals. This product is cast in gray resin and bubble free with a small pour block that you can clearly define where the part is and what resin needs to be cut away. The resin gives you six different antennas, two forward sections and two aft sections for a wide variety of pod version. There a single photo etch fret that has generator fan blades and two choices of blade antennas. The decals are very nice, multi color with fine details easily seen.

First step is to know which pod needs to be built. I did not realize that there were so many configurations to choose from. As I always say, check your references and note that you may find a configuration that is not shown on the decal sheet. Assembly is very simple and instructions are clear on different configurations. The forward portion is “keyed” so it can only be installed one way which helps from installing it upside down. Once assembled (less photo etch fan blades), the pod was painted white overall, radome tan (instructions just state “radome”) on a few antennas. A couple areas around the mounting lugs are painted the black as specified in the directions. For final color touches, I added panel line wash to help enhance the fine engraved features..

To finish the build, I added the decals then the fan blades for the air driven generator. The fan blades are very delicate and could easily break off so that is why that should be your last step in the build. With one coat of clear varnish, the pod is complete and ready to add to a model.

I would like to thank Eduard for this review sample. It is a great addition to any model.


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