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This is Ammo by Mig Jimenez’s 2017 product catalog (or catalogue in British English since this is translated from Spanish to this). This publication is large, 132 pages of glossy, colorful pages. It starts with a one-page introduction directly from Mig Jimenez. He writes a paragraph that I really think sums up modeling progression:

“The difference between an average modeler and an excellent modeler is not based on the tools used by each of them, not is it based on the airbrush, paints, or models that they purchase. What really makes a modeler different from the others is their “experience”. The experience is not limited to models but includes all things in life. Experience makes us evolve, improve, move forward, discover new worlds, and take aim at new targets. In short, our experiences make us better in all aspects of life. Everything a modeler needs to make better models can be discovered through experience. Unfortunately for modelers, experience is always linked to time and time is the most limited resource in our lives.”

The catalog starts with an index listing all their products, which is quiet a lot. Then at the beginning of each product section, there is a two to three paragraph explanation of that product line. The following pages have a nice color photo, plus another paragraph describing each individual item. This description is very detailed, and the glossy photos show exactly what you get with each item. There are also photos of these products being used on models. There is a four-page color reference chart that list all the ammo paints (about 180) by item number, their color name, an actual color bar with the RAL/RLM/FS number in it and the description. This will come in very handle later trying to select paints needed for future projects.

Intermixed throughout the catalog is step by step instructions on how to use some of these items, like how to apply mud, how to make streaking grime and chipping with salt. The last eight pages are quick tips on topics like muddy track, jet exhaust, dirt and grease on engines and acrylic washes. This catalog is almost like one of their weathering magazines in a condensed version. One of the best parts of this catalog is the few photos of real models (the female type) that are spread through the book.

I would like to thank Ammo by Mig Jimenez and IPMS for the opportunity to read and review this item.


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