American Gasoline Loaders (1910s)

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January 24, 2021
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This is another kit in ICM’s series of Model T vehicles and figures, and includes two figures that can be posed loading gasoline cans into the rear of ICM’s Model T Light Delivery Car, or other 1/24 truck. The Figures and Delivery Car are combined in another ICM Kit, #28019. Gas and oil can accessories are included with the kit.

The kit comes on three sprues molded in soft light gray plastic, one sprue with the two figures, and two duplicate sprues of the gasoline and oil tanks. The instructions come on a single page, double-sided, 8 1/4“ x 11 1/2“ sheet. One side shows a diagram of the sprues and identifies paint colors in Revell and Tamiya colors. The opposite side of the instructions are color illustrations of the figures showing part numbers and detail painting.

The figures are two men, one dressed in denim style coveralls lifting a can, and another man with knickers pants posed inside the truck to lift up the gas can. Both figures have Newsboy style caps. Each of the figures are molded in nine parts, two legs, torso front and back, head, hat, right arm, and two parts for the left arm. The parts have very nice detail. There is no flash but there are mold seems that will need to be cleaned up. The figure’s faces have a good detail although they have similar blank looks on their face and are not very expressive.

Assembly of the figures is fairly straightforward. The joints between body parts help to align everything correctly and the figures have nice natural poses. There are joints between each of the body parts that will need to be filled and cleaned up prior to painting.


Two sprues of accessories are provided to build two each of vintage large and small gas cans, and oil cans. The can parts fit together nicely with minimum seams. The handles for the gas can slip into slots with a nice tight fit.


This is a very nice set of figures with good detail and easy of assembly. The figures have nice poses, but the faces could be more expressive. The figures are a nice accessory for the ICM Model T Delivery Car, or other 1/24 scale vehicles.

Thanks, to ICM for producing these excellent figures and Model T vehicles, and for providing review samples to IPMS.


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