AMC DH.2 Landing Gear

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April 13, 2020
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WingNut Wings
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Thanks once again for another great set from SAC, and thanks to Bill and Phil for sending it out for review.

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The review item is the typical high standard and normal from SAC; a direct replacement for the kit items except these are cast metal. Consisting of three parts; the two main gear “A” frame braces, and the cross brace/axle assembly.

WARNING: Make sure you look at the kit parts to determine how much of the casting frame to remove. On the camel I built a couple of years ago, I did not do so and ended up with a short, butt matched installation verses having two tabs adding strength inside the plastic… be forewarned to not remove too much metal off the struts!

No instructions are provided, nor are any required. The gear parts are excellent castings, and rarely require much preparation for installation. Some people gently polish the gear beforehand, to provide a realistic sheen only capable in this medium. Be aware, however, that all metals will corrode so some extent, so a light clear coat or primer painting before installation are warranted.

A note on Wingnut wings: These larger models actually benefit greatly from SAC gear; they are extremely fragile due to their fidelity to scale, and the gear is better served by using metal. Otherwise, your hard earned and assembled model will eventually sag on said gear.

You may use epoxy or superglue to assemble; I recommend superglue gel as probably a better option.


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