The Amazing Spiderman

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June 5, 2011
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Spiderman, Spiderman- does whatever a spider can..... Can't get the song out of my head. When this offering came up for review from Round 2, I really wanted it being a huge fan of the Marvel comics. We are in the great age of styrene for modelers of figures with lots of companies reissuing old kits and many new ones coming out!

This kit is not just Spiderman; there is a second figure, Kraven the Hunter, a full diorama base and a backdrop for it. All for $24 - a great price. The kit itself is molded in red plastic and is only 24 parts. The biggest problem was how to do the webbing on the spider suit- more on that later.

Spiderman is a dozen parts and the fit is overall good with a little putty at the leg joints and some work on the arm joints. I rescribed any missing spider web lines with a razor saw and primed the kit. Assembly of the base is also straightforward and fit is great. No putty or issues here. I primed everything thoroughly again. A side note, one of the reasons I primed everything was the bright red color.

With everything primed, it was on to painting. I airbrushed Spiderman with Tamiya red and double dull coated it. Ii first thought of masking and spraying. With the pose he is in, it proved impossible. So I used the excellent Reaper Miniatures paints and hand brushed the blue. It took three thin coats but looked great. I flat coated it and set it aside where it saw fit to do a nose dive, break off a finger and the carper monster ate it. Drafts! I fashioned a new finger from sprue and it looks good. Repaint and reflat and now we are ready for the lines. I tried using a liner brush and black paint and it didn't look good. I went with an art market with a fine tip. After a few rounds and more than a few touch ups, it looks good to me.

The rest of the kit was airbrushed brown and then I hand painted Kraven and the torn down curtain. Nothing special with the base as far as painting or building. I added Spiderman and he fit perfectly. The web was sprayed white and attached. If I were doing this for competition, I would fabricate a new web of thinner material and it would look better. Still looks good!

Now you have a choice, the kit comes with a large transparent web and a background that snaps behind it to give the base some depth. In the review pictures, I have it shown both ways. I like it so it is attached permanently to the model.

This is an excellent kit for both the younger modelers who could put it together out of the box and have fun and to the more advanced who could replace the web and really dress it up. It is recommended to all modelers of all ages. Many thanks to Jamie Hood and the excellent folks at Round 2. They are at all the local hobby shops which is a great place to get one! TYhanks, too, to IPMS/USA for this sample to review.


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