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Eduard Brassin line continues to expand by adding a very nice all-resin model of the AM-39 Exocet missile. While the Exocet is forever associated with the Super Etendard, it is also used in different aircraft, like Mirage V, Alpha Jet, Super Puma helicopters, and patrol aircraft like Breget Atlantic and P-3 Orion, just to name a few. As such this aftermarket set can be used in many different models.

In the box you get several cast resin pieces, all free of bubbles and imperfections. The casting blocks are small in size and easy to remove.

The missile body and body fins are cast in a dark-colored resin, while the missile exhaust tubes are cast in a clear-colored resin. The parts cast in clear-colored resin (exhaust tubes) are the only option you have; to build a Block 1 or a Block 2 AM-39. Do your research as to which block version you should build.

Removing the casting blocks is simple but be aware that it is easy to damage the very delicate tail fins while doing so. I had to scratchbuilt half a tail fin and superglue it in place.

With all parts in place -except the exhausts- I took the parts to the paint booth. I only painted the white and light grey head, as the rest of the markings are supplied as decals (very nice touch Eduard!).

After letting the enamel paint cure, I brushed a thin layer of Future in preparation for decals, which behaved flawlessly. There was no need for setting solution as they snugged against the surface on their own.

At this point I started thinking about how this assembled missile would attach to a model. There are two small protuberances, which should match a wing-pylon. I would also recommend drilling a hole in the missile body and the wing-pylon and superglue a small piece of wire for added strength.

I did not apply a wash to the missile –even when the surface detail begs for one- as I’m planning to build the upcoming Super Eterndard from Kinetic, and I would like the wash on both the missile and the aircraft to match each other. But I’m sure a dark grey wash would look great on that surface detail.

Highly recommended.

I would like to thank Eduard and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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